Hi, I’m a designer, engineer, and founder.

Currently I’m the co-founder of Precip, which uses machine learning to do hyper-local weather observation for agriculture, insurance, and other weather-dependent industries.

For five years I worked independently as a designer and product strategist for early-stage tech startups. I had dozens of clients in fields like artificial intelligence, finance, healthcare, agriculture, higher education, B2B SaaS, and more. Learn more about my consulting work.

I’m also the founder and sole designer/engineer of Shuffleboard, a brainstorming tool for remote teams. All of Shuffleboard’s design and development was filmed and published on YouTube.

Previously I was the first hire and design director at Y-Combinator-backed FarmLogs, an operating system for agriculture. We grew to from 3 to 80 people, raised $40MM, and were downloaded by ⅓ of American farmers.

Years ago I taught a popular design course at the University of Michigan. Our students went on to become designers at Google, Asana, Microsoft, and other high-growth tech companies.

I’ve also worked as an engineer, product manager, design coach, and startup advisor.

I have a degree in Human-Computer Interaction. Originally from the Philadelphia area, I’m now based in New York City.

Sam Pierce Lolla


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Other Projects
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